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PMR was founded on the concept of Residential Property Management, and we have mastered the services that set a PMR managed properties above the others.  It all comes from wanting to focus on more than just the profit associated with the property.  We take pride in our properties and have standards on who we represent as a Property Manager as well as the condition that the property must remain in.  Below are some of the services that are a standard part of our process. 



The property manager will collect rent on your behalf. If the tenant doesn’t pay on time; we will also fully enforce the rental agreement.


When units are vacant, we can tap our local resources to choose the appropriate rent payment level to attract the right tenants and keep the property profitable and competitive.


When legal concerns arise, we have extensive experience of local tenant and landlord laws. This helps the property’s owner operate legally, without the need to study tenant law.


When something in a home or unit breaks, we will arrange for maintenance and repair. We have on-site maintenance professionals, in addition to a team of trusted contractors in the local community.


Tenant phone calls, screening, and negotiations are some of the more stressful parts of owning a rental property (or owning rental properties). These are tasks that we handle on a daily basis and will take over so that you can focus on other things.


We keep records for each property under our control. This allows the property’s owner to better plan for expense and track profits. It also assists in maintaining a paper trail for any legal needs that may arise.


Multi-unit properties often have a steady flow in and out flow of tenants. This means vacancies can happen year-round. PMR has the marketing and local community knowledge to get those vacancies rented to qualified tenants as quickly as possible, protecting the landlord’s income.


As the owner of a single-family rental property, you may be on the fence about whether or not to use a property management company. Especially if you've never managed an income property, it can be tempting to assume that property management duties amount to "find tenants, sign lease, receive rent check," along with handling some minor maintenance issues from time to time. 

In reality, managing tenant relations, staying on the right side of the law, being on call for any emergencies that come up, staying on top of home maintenance, conducting periodic property inspections, and handling the accounting and taxes can be a time-consuming effort.  Professional property managers have developed systems that allow them to manage all of the above with maximum efficiency. Their expertise allows them to prevent problems before they arise, as well as handle any issues that do come up with minimum disruption to your revenue stream.


Servicing multi-family homes can be very complicated and relies on multiple sources of income to meet required levels.  We have extensive experience with multifamily homes and understand how to handle the process without delay.  PMR provides the following services as part of our program.

Suburb Houses

A great tenant is your number one long term asset. We care about your property and always want to maximize its potential and attract quality tenants who take pride in maintaining their apartment as if it were their own. Keeping a tenant involves providing great customer service and making sure your apartment community is in it’s best possible condition at all times.


A community association operates as a government, a community, and a business, making it a truly specialized organization.  It’s an enormous job with a great deal of responsibility. Selecting the right management company can make the job much easier.

The qualifications of the employees of PMR are simply unsurpassed in the association management industry in Virginia. With a CPA on staff, we are able to bring a level of expertise that cannot be provided by the personnel of typical management companies. This often benefits the associations by reducing audit fees since our CPA prepares the records in order to expedite the outside auditor’s work. These credentials provide a higher level of management expertise to the Board of Directors.

Suburb Neighborhood
Security Camera

Building Automation, IOT, Cameras, Security Systems, Door Access Controls & Internet

Allowing PMR to manage your property allows you to take advantage of our Technical Services options that range from Building Automation Systems, IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Systems, Cameras for Security and Supervision, Access Control, Network Management and Internet availability.

Image by immo RENOVATION

Renovation, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Construction, Interior Design & Lawn Landscape

At PMR, we have the experience and capabilities to manage a range of projects. Our management ability comes from a combined 50+ years of Project Management in various environments, field experience on some of the most elite sites in the DC area, and an ownership approach on every task we are involved in.  We know that collaborating in an effective way, with the right people, is how you keep the project on task and without drop-off. Toward that end, we take a client-centered collaborative approach for each and every project we manage so that all expectations are met, and delivery is smooth.

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