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Combining 20+ years of Real Estate experience and providing Service and Construction services to the GSA, our knowledge of the standards the GSA expects comes second nature. 


PMR’s Real Estate team is able to handle the leasing process from site prep to listing to lease review and execution.  Whether you are a building owner who is looking to lease to the GSA or a GSA Rep, PMR can help you find the perfect facility in the perfect location.

Showing an Apartment
office space

We have managed millions of sq feet of government owned properties. From office space to specialized laboratories to Head Quarters in DC we have what the government requires.


PMR can provide Union CBA Negotiations, Chief Building Engineers, Engineers I,II,II, Admin, Master HVAC Techs, Electricians, Fire Protection Engineers, NICET 1-4 Techs, BAS systems specialist, General Painting, General Maintenance Techs, Carpet replacement and recycling, Door Access Controls, Security Systems/Cameras, Office furniture moving, Office renovations, Energy Management systems, Energy reporting and monitoring, EV Charging stations, EV charging installation and maintenance and much more. Email us with your property requirements for a free analysis.


Building automation, IOT, Cameras, Security Systems, Door Access Controls & Internet 

PMR has the ability to provide Technical Services of many types for Commercial and GSA facilities.  We has certified Technicians for systems such as SEIMENS BAS, Hsilnvlasknvasdkjv, and acoe;rifnse;oriun, we are able to provide ksajdncaks;jdn askjv aslkjb dj dsufvdsbo jfvb  ladsfv dsbljf l vdlkfjv bsdlj idsifhvbsd ljfvhlsjdfvh o sdfuv ykdjvhb osdufygldjvsd ifvyu sdlfjvb sdlfuhvisd vsdlfvh svidsuhgs dlkjg vsidufhisdughls kdgns idvfuhsdigh lsdk hsdipu ghsdilvu sdi sv piu vhpi ip sudghsikgnsdkjgneiuhglsidufgvh lsidfvn dslk vd kvjbliubiuvb ixfubndlifkgb dfpivunpisfduhglisruugns rivnsripuv n isudfvnsfdk vsdi;ufv dsifubh sbpisf bnsdfpiob.

Smart Alarm System
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